What The Hell Is In My Vegan Kitchen?

OK, some practical blog posts are needed around here I reckon!

One of the blocks to people going vegan is that they can’t possibly imagine what vegans eat. They can’t imagine how you’d shop for ‘vegan food,’ or what their kitchen cupboards and fridges would be full of if they were vegan.

Well, we ALL know by now that vegans eat a vast array of delicious and indulgent meals, but what does that look like in its raw material form? As individual ingredients in the kitchen?

I figured it might be helpful if I shared the food that is in my kitchen in an average week.

You could also add to (or edit from) this post and use it as a sort of weird shopping list with pictures.

Now I’ve written many times on how eating plant-based is inexpensive, and it is.

My budget is such that I buy a few specialist items (like Biona Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Flour, a Coyo or two), and I always try and buy organic grains and organic fruit and veg that are in the ‘dirty dozen,’ but these slightly dearer prices are easily offset by bulk bags of dried black-eyed peas, beans and lentils, and cans of chick peas and sweet corn etc. You’ll see from my pics that I get a ton of stuff from budget supermarkets, and lots of it from the world food aisle.

I buy enough fresh greens and fruit to last a few days, and shop again when these run out. I have hardly any freezer space, so I can’t buy frozen fruit and veggies, so it’s fresh (preferably), dried or canned.

Please note: This is what I have in my kitchen RIGHT NOW, and it’s pretty much stuff I always have. I haven’t gone out to buy anything especially for this post to make it look like I have lots of fab stuff. I actually did a weekly shop earlier tonight and ATE some of the foods I was meaning to photograph. So you see, it really couldn’t be any more honest. I like to keep it real. And my tummy full.

Here goes:



Porridge oats

Brown rice


Brown rice noodles

Wholewheat couscous

Whole wheat pasta



Dried beans and lentils

(None of these are organic! I actually get pretty much ALL of these from the world food aisle. The lentils and black eyed peas come in HUGE 2kg bags)

Dried red kidney beans

Dried black-eyed peas

Split peas

Red lentils

Green lentils

Puy lentils



Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-free flour

Whole spelt flour

Wholemeal flour




Baking items

Bicarbonate of soda

Baking powder

Xanthan gum (works perfectly in place of eggs)

Madagascan vanilla flavouring


Non-dairy milk

Several cartons of organic soy milk



Several cans organic chopped tomatoes

Organic red kidney beans

Several cans sweet corn

Several cans chick peas – these particular cans are REALLY economical!

Baked beans (spot the Brit!)




Cranks Wholemeal Loaf

Wholemeal Pitta



Herbs (dried)







Bay leaves

Kaffir lime leaves

Tarragon (I’ll be honest, I think I’ve only used this once)



Behold the utter chaos rustic poetry that is my ‘spice rack.’ Again, most of these spices I get from the world food aisle in the supermarket.

It contains:



Cardamom (MY FAVOURITE! I know this is irrelevant, but just sayin’)




Garlic powder

Mild chilli powder





Cayenne pepper


Black peppercorns









Flax seeds (a must)

Sesame seeds

Pumpkin seeds

Sunflower seeds


Fresh Veg






Onions & garlic

Spring onions

Sweet red pepper

Turnips (bit random I know – they’re for a couscous dish tomorrow 🙂 )


Fresh Fruit

I’ll let my fruit bowl speak for itself!



I’ll be buying as many berries as I can get my hands on tomorrow though –




And there really should be some apples in there as well.


Sweet things

Agave nectar

Maple syrup

Raspberry jam

Brown rice syrup


Condiments & Miscellaneous

Sea salt


Rice Cakes

Pure (non-dairy spread)


Dijon mustard

Organic passata

Balsamic vinegar

Brown rice vinegar

Apple cider vinegar

‘Regular’ vinegar (mine is Sarsons)

Nori seaweed sheets

Wakame flakes

Dried Shiitake mushrooms

Wasabi powder

Soy sauce


Fresh ginger

Fresh lemons

Homemade kimchi. Here’s how to make it.

Some Berber spice mix

Umeboshi plums (to ward off sniffles!)

Some banana bread I made yesterday

Alright I’ll admit it –

Some salted crinkle crisps. Shutup.


WHEW! That’s IT. That’s the entirety of the edible content of my kitch!

Is there something you think I should always have on hand that I haven’t mentioned?

Let me know!


2 thoughts on “What The Hell Is In My Vegan Kitchen?”

  1. Hi
    Just a couple of questions:
    Where do you get xantham gum from (and how do you use it)?
    What brand of raspberry jam do you use? I only ask because standard jam is off my vegan list as it likely contains gelatine.

  2. Hey Sarah,

    Thanks so much for your questions.

    You can get xanthan gum from pretty much any supermarket ( I got mine from Asda). Look in the baking section. You can also get it from health food shops. When making a cake, you normally need one teaspoon of it in with the dry ingredients, but of course it depends on the recipe. It gives cake mixture the same texture and quality as eggs would.

    I personally use the St Dalfour brand of jam, as it’s sugar-free (and delicious!). This is also available in most supermarkets. It’s worth checking the labels of your preferred brands though as I don’t think many contain gelatine now.

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