Kind Words

“I have to say that you’ve completely helped transform my eating and that of S [husband]! I feel that we’re stronger and healthier as a result and probably better prepared for the times we’re living in! I now feel educated about the right foods, about how to get the best nutrients and all the wonderful vegan foods. I now love cooking and love the diversity of our dishes. Thank you for being supportive and helping transform our eating – my husband says that ‘vegan is like first class food, more tasty.’ As a result my husbands cholesterol went from 8.8 to 6.3 in 6 weeks, and he lost 6kgs! Life changer! So a big thank you for your knowledge and expertise.”

~S. Saunders, London

“Thank you so much for being the best coach! I definitely couldn’t have transitioned without your help! I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me! The support, the information, the chats and keeping me on track! Thank you so much I will never forget.”

~ M. Garrett, Barnstaple

“Karen was extremely knowledgeable in the vegan plant-based field. There was not a single question that I had which was left unanswered. I have been trying to go vegan/plant based for the past couple of years without any joy. After my session with Karen, everything became very clear in terms of my diet and what I should be eating. My goals were aligned with a daily routine which made for a very simple transition. I would highly recommend a session with Karen if you are thinking of transitioning to plant-based/vegan/vegetarian.  Thanks for all the help Karen  : )

~ Bobby P, Maidenhead

“I had a fantastic and informative session with Karen. I’d been eating more of a plant-based diet for the past 18 months, but had found it difficult to fully make the switch. Karen provided me with great alternatives to the non-vegan treats I’d been reluctant to give up and also gave me some invaluable tips to make sure I was eating the healthiest possible plant-based diet. I’m now a “grain, green and bean” convert!”

~ Fran Hale, London

“Really super helpful, thank you so much for your support and ideas, its really great the work you do :)”

~ A Baird, Augsburg

“Thank you so much for an enlightening session. I found it very useful as you’ve pushed me into a positive direction in regards to my nutrition. The penny dropped when you suggested a high carb diet to get energy (since I’m very active but have been struggling due to low energy!).”

~ J. Hoang, East London

“Karen knows her stuff when it come to all things plant based! She provided a full analysis of my diet, where I can tweak it and what products to buy to feel good and improve my health. Her years of expertise and friendly manner helped bolster my confidence and commitment.”

~Ness A, South East London

“I contacted Karen after about a week of starting my vegan diet as I felt unsure of myself and a bit confused around what to eat. Karen clarified a lot of my issues for me and I was able to take my next steps with much more confidence. I recommend Karen as a Vegan Coach to anyone needing positive guidance with a supportive and uplifting approach.”

~ Eszter R, London

“Thanks so much for everything! I’ve gone from thinking that being vegan is inconvenient to understanding that actually, it’s easy and affordable. Mission accomplished.”

~ Jenny Julien, London

“I’ve been taking on your advice…and I feel a lot better and more energetic. I’m starting to see a bit of progress and am excited to see more! Thanks so much for all your help”

~ Bea Amaral, London

“Karen was very supportive, kind, and helpful in my journey to a new lifestyle. I learned a lot and lost over 20 pounds within two months! Not only that, but I learned to eat better and removed a lot of the sinus allergies and sensitivities I had by changing up my diet, which ultimately came from our coaching sessions with Karen”

~ Shamil, Maryland

“Karen really helped me to refocus on my reasons for being vegan and my commitment to veganism; she gave me the support and push I needed to take the next step in my veganism at a time when I was feeling stuck. Talking to Karen also opened the door to finding a better sense of community in veganism which I‘d previously been lacking, and that has been really valuable. I would highly recommend Karen as a vegan coach!”

~ Sarah Jones, London

“If you are interested in learning more about plant based diets, Karen is a great go-to person. She is quite knowledgeable, and can help you get on the right track”

~ Nick Lakasas, London

 “Every time  I’ve asked Karen for info on plant-based eating, she has given me clear and easily implementable tips. She is also my go-to person for advice any time I want to make a vegan meal”

~ Jing Ye, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine at China Health

“I wanted to put my children through a plant based diet for a while to improve their immune system, maintain hormone levels and help eliminate toxin build-up after years of antibiotic use and heavy dairy consumption. Karen was able to refer me to websites and information to make vegan choices fun and less of a chore for my family. As a result I am much more aware of what I eat and what I cook for my family”

~ Tulia Fryer, Sanderstead, Surrey

Karen was really helpful and a mine of information and support when I became vegan. She gave me loads of useful tips on where to source ingredients and also some delicious recipes. Following a vegan diet would’ve been much trickier without her help”

~ Alise Kennedy, Epsom, Surrey

“Karen is an amazing resource for anyone embarking on a vegan diet. Her enthusiasm is inspiring and contagious. The advice she’s given me has been spot-on, and I recommend her highly”

~ Tricia Howard, Croydon, Surrey

“Though I was already vegan, Karen turned me onto lots of amazing online resources that I hadn’t yet come across, which I’ve enjoyed going through, and which have re-energised and reinspired me”

~ Kel Enders, Walthamstow, London