Q: Will you review my product/service?

A: Is it whole food, plant-based? Health and wellness and/or eco related? If so, I’d love to. I tell it like I see it (taste it?) mind, and won’t be bribed. Unless it’s with Hotel Chocolat hazelnut pralines. Just kidding. Kind of.

Q: I’ve heard a vegan diet is pretty limited and restricted – is that true?

A: Not unless you have limited and restricted tastes! Vegans tend to eat from a wide range of ethnic cuisines, as well as being able to eat pretty much any well known dish, just in the veganised version. On top of this there are thousands of original vegan recipes in books or on the internet. Personally, I love Chinese, Ethiopian, Indonesian, Lebanese, Gambian, Cameroonian, Japanese Shojin, Syrian, Creole, Soul, Cajun, Vietnamese, Korean and Mexican food – to name a FEW of my favourites. As for sweet treats, there are plant-based desserts out there that are the best desserts you’ve ever tasted – and you wouldn’t even know they were vegan.


Q: Do I have to go fully vegan to work with you?

A: Of course not if you don’t want to. The best results ARE achieved with a full vegan diet, but I am happy to coach you in going partly plant-based – as long as you make clear your intention and goals in our initial consult.

Q: I have a gluten intolerance/allergy, can I go vegan? Do you know anything about this?

A: Of course you can go vegan. I, too, avoid white flour like the plague, and use non-wheat flours for baking. I am aware of the products that contain gluten, and can advise you accordingly. And don’t worry, you can still eat incredibly well very easily on a plant-based, gluten-free diet. I’m thinking right now of the most delicious food I ever tasted, and none of it contained gluten.

Q: Isn’t it expensive eating vegan all the time?

A: No. It is as expensive or as cheap as you want it to be (or as your budget allows!) But rest assured you can eat a scrumptious and healthy plant-based diet on ANY budget. I can show you how to do this.

Q: Are you going to ram animal rights stuff down my throat?

A: Er, no. And CALM DOWN. If you DO want information on this subject, I will provide it, but I am really only interested in making your transition easy and delightful.

Q: Can I work with you in person?

A: Yes, if you are based in the SW17/SW18 London area.

Q: I love the idea of working with you but look, I’m really NOT a cook, and can’t see myself spending huge amounts of time in the kitchen. Plus, I’m stupid busy.

A: Weeeell, we can work with this to an extent, but you will need to commit to spending SOME time in the kitchen. Don’t forget, it is in the interests of your health and wellbeing, and therefore some lifestyle and perception shifts are necessary. Also, can you read? Then you can cook! Any time prioritised for preparing/cooking food is NEVER time wasted. Prepping food can be calming and meditative, and connects you directly to the food you are about to feast on. You’ll just have to trust me on this.

– Any other Q‘s that I haven’t A‘d? Let me know and I’ll get to it!