Work With Me

Here’s the goods:

One-off consult, 60 mins

(by Zoom , Skype – or phone if preferred)

This is for you if, essentially, you want to go it alone. If you kind of know what to do and feel pretty confident. Maybe you just have a few technical questions, need some initial support and inspiration, or maybe feel a few extra meal ideas wouldn’t go amiss. I will listen to what you feel your challenges may be, and give you every weapon in my arsenal to help you overcome them. I will ask whether you have any particular goals, health-wise, and I’ll provide specific info to help you achieve them. I’ll fill you up with a shedload of enthusiasm, then I’ll send you on your merry way!

– £59

60 or 120 day Vegan Coaching/ Nutritional Therapy  Programs

(The content of these two programs is similar, it just depends how long you feel you will need coaching  and support. They are both beneficial for anyone, but, as a rule, I recommend the 120 day program if you are starting from a meat and dairy strong diet, and the 60 day program if you are already vegetarian, or have some experience eating plant-based.) 

These are for everybody else! I will hold your hand and walk (and talk!) you through the transition to a plant-based diet. It really doesn’t matter what level of understanding/experience you have, or how veggie you are (or not) already. After the initial session, I will customise my coaching to where you are in the process, and to your dietary preferences, health needs and lifestyle.

The program includes:

  • 2 private 45 minute sessions by Zoom, Skype or phone, each 30 day period, for 60 or 120 days
  • Unlimited email and phone support between sessions
  • Food/meal recommendations, based on your tastes, health needs and daily routines
  • Shopping lists customised to your budget and health needs, to take the tedium out of the first few times shopping after dietary changes
  • Books and reading material to suit you and your particular areas of interest, and to help enhance your understanding of ALL the benefits of a healthy vegan diet, to help you stay on track, and keep you motivated and enthused about what you are doing
  • The lowdown on the BEST vegan websites and podcasts to add to your favourites (believe me, I know them ALL, but can let you in on the ones that are the most fun and inspiring). You can listen to podcasts while you are creating your delicious plant-based meals!

You will:

  • Attain your goal of transitioning to a vegan diet with ease, at your speed and in your way
  • Improve or even resolve health issues
  • Achieve a healthy, stable weight with ease (if this is what you needed!), and maintain it effortlessly (the more whole-foods, plant-based you go, the quicker you will see results!)
  • Optimise your energy levels
  • Feel and look better – just how much is dependent on how you ate previously!
  • Be filled with inspiration and excitement about your new lifestyle choice
  • Gain knowledge and confidence creating healthy, tasty plant-based food for you and your family
  • Understand where initial cravings may be coming from, and learn how to blast them out of the water
  • Get wise, shopping at the supermarket, no matter the budget
  • Learn what to look for in product ingredients – sounds tedious but it WILL become second nature!
  • Have all the science-y answers at your fingertips, to respond thoughtfully and gracefully to curious friends, or to negativity
  • Gain enough clarity on why you are doing this, to inspire you to forever maintain a plant-based diet
  • Learn how to negotiate restaurants and social dining events

And much more…

60 day program – £399

120 day program – £759

-Once payment is received, I will contact you by email to arrange your first coaching session – which will always be at a time to suit YOU.

Tempted but just not sure? Want to be certain we’d work well together before committing? Contact me to ask me ANYTHING at all. We can chat as much as you like via email with NO obligation.

-Please note: I fully believe that progress is the focus, not perfection. meaning: I ask that you sincerely set your mind to shift to a vegan lifestyle and do your best. I will not stand behind you with a whip (unless you want me to 🙂 ). All I ask for is your best intention, and consistency.

You have nothing to lose. I am SO confident in what I’m coaching, that if you sign up, and follow my recommendations and advice faithfully for the full two/four month period and do NOT feel happier and healthier, and if you are NOT all glowy and radiant at the end – I will refund you 100%. Yes, 100%. No muss no fuss.

Disclaimer: The information shared on this website is based on my own personal experience which is intended to educate and inform the reader. This is not a prescription and nothing in the website or coaching programmes constitutes any form of medical advice. If you require medical advice relating to a particular health problem, we insist that you consult your own doctor or healthcare provider to determine the best course of treatment for you and your condition.