The Most Important Movie Ever Made? Please Watch ‘Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret’

I don’t know how to persuade you to watch this movie.

If the title is putting you off, I’m not a fan of it either – it sounds a bit ‘tin foil hat brigade,’ or ‘woo woo.’

I can assure you the film is neither of these things.

Kip Anderson, the film maker/narrator, is searching for answers on why, when UN and FAO research points to livestock agriculture being the prime cause of climate change (in fact you find out during the film that livestock agriculture is the biggest culprit in ALL forms of environmental degradation), the major environmental charities – Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network, Amazon Watch etc., aren’t even talking about this issue.

What he discovers is shocking. I knew a lot of this info before, but it’s sobering having it all in one place, and being validated by so many eminent people like Dr Richard Oppenlander, and ‘Mad Cowboy’ Howard Lyman.

The movie is easy to watch; it’s pretty, there’s no ‘over-the-head’ science and everything is explained in a highly accessible way with fun infographics to keep you engaged. Kip is softly spoken, calm, measured and highly likeable.

I heard of this film a while back before it was made, when Kip was looking for online crowd-funding. I thought it looked interesting and even posted links to Twitter and Facebook (but wasn’t in a position to donate myself at the time).

You learn the reason why Kip had to end up getting the film crowd funded (Spoiler Alert: A major backer pulled out due to fear of reprisals from the meat industry).

At the end of the film Kip is clearly endorsed by the Bill Gates and Biz Stone (co-founder of Twitter) backed company, Beyond Meat, who make meat alternatives. You know these guys are incredibly business-savvy (understatement!) and would not have anything to do with this movie if the information in it wasn’t proven and credible. And what an advertising opportunity for them too – who can blame them?

You know those dumb pictures and quotes about children that people post on Facebook saying ‘…Share (this) if you love your children/grandchildren’?

These things are way obnoxious any way you look at it; suggesting as they do that if you DON’T share the stupid thing you obviously don’t love your children or grandchildren.

Well, maybe it would be more intelligent and fruitful if we shared THIS FILM if we love our children and grandchildren. After all, they will inherit this planet, and I shudder to think what will be left if we don’t spread the word, educate ourselves and act against this.

Best thing you can do immediately? Do like Kip did at the end of the film – go vegan!


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