Meet Tim Shieff, Champion Freerunner And Thriving Vegan

I must introduce to you to this guy.

Meet Tim Shieff, freerunner extraordinaire, and vegan. Freerunning (also known as Parkours) = running and jumping and doing incredible freestyle gymnastics over outside stuff. Sheesh…you just gotta see it really.

This is what it is (the music on all the freerunning vids is kind of techno and urban – I’m not a fan, but no-one’s asking me to score these, and you might like it, so I’ll shut up).

Tim discovered the vegan lifestyle through watching the famous Gary Yourofsky video (I’ll write on him in another post) and has never looked back. Since going vegan, he’s experienced better health, better strength and stamina, and better recovery times.  Why don’t I let him tell you:

Even if he’s your demographic opposite, you can still learn from him. There are a couple of things he’s taught me even though I’ve been vegan nearly as long as he’s been alive (holy crap!).

He just gets it. I’m totally jealous. I’ve said before, when I went vegan it was a very small percentage for ethical reasons, and mainly for health and weight reasons.

He just has FULL comprehension already of EVERY reason for going vegan and understands at soul-level their intersectionality.

How DARE someone so newly vegan (in comparison to me) be so clued up??? 🙂

It’s true that there’s a lot more information around now than went I went vegan. I had no idea then how wellbeing, environmental and ethical issues were all interwoven because no-one was writing about that – or at least no-one whose books fell into my hands at that time.

But seriously? I’m so glad of him, because his voice will (and already has done) lead a whole other chunk of people to discover their healthiest selves; living in alignment with their highest values and in touch with the environment.

His handstand tutorials inspired me to do handstands again! Of course I did them all the time when I was a kid, but as an adult maybe only once every summer if I was showing off in front of friends kids. You get rusty though and lose your confidence, and that handstand that was once launched into gleefully without thinking twice becomes stiff, wobbly and full of anxiety that you might break this or twist that. Since seeing Tim’s vids, I’ve started doing them every day again, anywhere I can. It sounds corny, but it really shakes up your energy in the best way and brings a smile to your face. I can now do them just as well – if not better than I did as a kid! One of these days I’ll post photographic evidence. If I live to be a hundred I’ll still be doing them then. Watch this space!

Here’s Tim’s breakfast ideas – check the acrobatics while waiting for the blender! 🙂

And a great cherry and coconut ice-cream recipe:

You want a delicious dinner? Tim’s got you covered:

Check out his other YouTube videos and keep an eye on what he’s up to from time to time. He’s truly a leader in progressive thought around diet and its impact, and it’s really inspiring seeing the amazing things the human body can do when fuelled by the best food on earth!

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